Sunday, November 10, 2013

Size matters



Infinitesimal stars and heavenly bodies in endless galaxies of an unmeasurable universe.

An infinite God who made them and undoubtedly continues to create.

Heaven and a dimension outside of the three dimensional and beyond gravity.

Grace and endless mercy from a loving Father. end.




My finite, my puny, yet oddly amazing brain.

My ideologies, my opinions, my biases, my theories that I consider intelligently formulated.

My life. Short as a vapor. Gone in a heartbeat.


Funerals always remind me to do some serious measuring.

I can be dyslexic and get size backwards.

I convince myself that life is large and long....that stuff matters...that doesn't at all.

I focus on the short-lived and finite.

I could even convince myself God's not listening....not responding....not there with me at all.


But the vapor quickly fades and Eternity arrives for us all.....larger than life.

The provider of temporary the Giver of life that never ends.

For tiny finite little me.


Pretty huge if you ask me.

And worth putting my short little life firmly in His large, strong hands.


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